domenica 27 gennaio 2013

Thea Maiman @ Solaris Island


English Version
Pyramid Cafe' and Tanalois Art 
at Solaris Island
have the pleasure to invite you
at the opening of the photographic exhibition of

Thea Maiman

Inauguration exposure: Sunday 27 January 1:30 pm PST

During the evening music by andromeda Slade.


End show: Sunday 10 February

Biography Thea Maiman

Second Life resident, Official Pixelfairy and Nonofficial Photographer.

Thea likes the interesting places, the good live music and the funny friends.
Always curious and wondering, how many creative peoples live here. 
Sometimes she tries to make poses and once she sculpted a pixelpepperoni.
She is here since 04/2008, but no... she is not addicted. :)
Her pictures are (often) music inspired, sarcastic, melancholic, sometimes a bit dark or the opposite all of these. 
Thea's RL avatar lives in Budapest in Hungary. 
Always busy, and sometimes at nights she uses her notebook as a pillow. 

You can see her works:

or if you want to see her pictures in sl, please check it her profilepicks :)

thanks for reading:)

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