domenica 17 marzo 2013

Sisi Biedermann at Solaris Island


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Pyramid Cafe' and Tanalois Art 
at Solaris Island
have the pleasure to invite you to
 the opening of the photographic exhibition of

Sisi Biedermann

Inauguration exposure: Sunday 17 March 2:30 pm PST

During the evening live music by Andromeda Slade


End show: Sunday 31 March

Biography Sisi Biedermann
My family has been painting as long back as I remember.
I started as a teenager to paint with oil on canvas. Then many years passed and I did not have the time or place for the painting.
I discovered that it was easier and more satisfying to take photos. So I did that for many years, until I was so lucky to get my first digital camera. In a period of about 3 years I had taken many thousand photos.
Then in 2009 I suddenly got the idea that maybe it could be fun to paint again. I bought canvas and acrylic paint. After this I have painted more than 50 paintings the last 2½ years. 
Still developing my technic.
At the same time I discovered the world of Second Life and all the posibilities of making photos and sculptures in here. A whole new world had opened for me. I opened my own gallery and let other artists in here. Being a part of this community fills my world with colours and happiness.

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