sabato 6 aprile 2013

Zedber Zabelin @ Solaris Island


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Pyramid Cafe' and Tanalois Art 
at Solaris Island
have the pleasure to invite you
to the opening of the Photographic Exhibition by

Zedber Zabelin

Inauguration exposure: Sunday April 7 1:30 pm PST

End show: Sunday April 21

Biography Zedber Zabelin
I live in central Victoria, Australia, and these are photos I have taken around my local area, and other areas within the state.
My early pictures for SL were mainly of wide scenes, sunsets & sunrises (hence "Aussie Views"), but more recently, my work sees me exploring nature in close-up.
I have a particular fondness for fungi up close, so you will see new ones of these in my display from time to time, as I discover new subjects to photograph!
You will now see a mix of 'views' - wide vistas, & aussie animals & plants in as close as my camera will allow!
Much of what I do is experimental - some things work while others not as much so. Even if you do not purchase any, please let me know what you like & don't like :-)


Each item is for sale at L$200, and they are Mod & Copy (no Transfer). If you want to purchase one to give as a gift, please contact me.

If you want a version that has no frame, purchase the framed version and send me a notecard with your request. I will gladly send you an unframed copy.

Some of my work for SL is also viewable as thumbnail images at:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries. A notecard is the best way to be sure I will see your message.

Thank you,

Zedber Zabelin

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