domenica 20 gennaio 2013

Kylie Sabra @ Solaris Island

Pyramid Cafe' and Tanalois Art 
at Solaris Island
have the pleasure to invite you
at the opening of the photographic exhibition of

Kylie Sabra

Inauguration exposure: Sunday 20 January 1:30 pm PST

During the evening live music by Beth Odets 

End show: Sunday 3 February

Biography Kylie Sabra 
Kylie Sabra Angel is Curator of The Rose Theatre Galleries since February 2010, winner of the 2012 Avi Choice Award for SL's Favorite Art Gallery. She opened her first private gallery within 30 days of entering Second Life and has been creating ever since.
She says, "The artist creates for herself first and foremost. She follows her own muse. When she seeks to create according to the dictates of others, the art becomes weak, emotionless. Art without emotion is not art."
She sees our world through a unique set of eyes. She weaves color and texture into a tapestry designed to wrap you in emotion. She has been the Curator of The Rose Theatre & Art Galleries since February 2011, and has been an SL artist since she first entered this world more than three years ago. 
You can purchase her work for your RL home at
Kylie is an SL/RL photographer and graphic artist as well as an SL builder and sim designer. Visit her gallery as well as the nine others she curates at The Rose Theatre Galleries. 
Or read the Gallery Blog at :
Kylie is author of "The Singing Dagger" Available on Kindle at
Soon to be released in paperback.

Biography Beth Odets

Beth Odets (Beth Brown in RL) has been playing violin for 29 years, and she is Mentally Stable.
Beth Odets is a classically trained concert violinist who threw it all away to become the greatest itinerant fiddlist in Second Life. A champion of the environment and alternative energy sources, Beth is currently touring Second Life in a '69 VW micro-van powered by hippies on a treadmill.
In 2009, she picked up guitar."I'm Not Matthew - Beth Brown" was released in 2011. The album was co-produced with RL/SL MUSIC partner Matthew Perreault ( and found on internetweb like retailers 
Her Solo Performances in SL Feature Both Violin/Fiddle AND Guitar/Vocals. You can expect wide range of the musical spectrum from this sweet voiced lunatic! She plays/sings Originals and Covers - an eclectic mix that ranges from *Blues to Bluegrass* and from *Mozart to metallica*. - It's Entertaining and also Beautiful with a side order of funny! (don't freak when you hear fake kazoo.... it's a talent... no really)
RELAY CASTING - Beth is known for her ability to dive into almost any musical situation with her violin. She has streamed and/or played live with over 100 different SL LIVE musicians. (she's a ho) 
"I just try not make it sound like cats having sex" -BETH 
Wedding? Romantic Dinner? Private Violin? Beth loves to play any occasion in a way that makes it memorable and authentic.
*Shows are 1 hour unless theres no one following... and in that case she might be there till you kick her out.
( RATES ) (subject to change) 
SOLO Guitar & Violin = 75 MILLION LINDENS
CONTACT - Beth Odets for Further info on booking. ( thanks to Napoleon the former parakeet... for his loyalty as a manager till I accidentally killed him by dropping a plate on his head in December 2011)
And by the way she is looking for a man... the perfect one!
till then.... a short term abusive relationship w/ codependency is acceptable for song writing material purposes... 
Beth is currently with "The Matthew Show" ( RL band led my SL muso Matthew Perreault) and makes 1/5 of the racket on their new album "Memphis." Beth also works as session musician locally in DFW texas, and via interwebs. She also performes live as a shotgun! (powww) and STUFF!
She can sometimes be found with the RL band of SL Muso Guitar Zane. She's a co- accomplice in the "Pure Raw Hilbilly" album from former band Fish Fry Bingo (2009) also co-accomplice in live albums with Cylindrian Rutabaga *Adventures of the red Headed Redneck & Hilbilly Jew* (2009), and *the loudness war benefit album* with Strum Diesel (2012). She can be found on the Official recording of "40 years on" by Shannon Oherlihy, and "Willow Tree" by SOAR. (and STUFF)

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