sabato 9 febbraio 2013

Layachi Ihnen @ Solaris Island

English Version

Pyramid Cafe' and Tanalois Art 
at Solaris Island
have the pleasure to invite you
at the opening of the photographic exhibition of

Layachi Ihnen 

Inauguration exposure: Sunday 10 February 1:30 pm PST

During the evening live music by Caelo .

End show: Sunday 24 February

Biography Layachi Ihnen
Layachi Ihnen cames on SL in July 2007. 

Final exam in 1965 and superior mathematics (1965-1966). 
Math professor since October 1966. 
First works since 1969. 
1968-1969: enrollment to studies of Painting in THE UNIVERSAL SCHOOL by correspondence of PARIS (Boulevard Exelmans) 
Then, " the works were born progressively, of a necessity " (Rilke) in " se referring to a merely interior " model (A.Breton), " of the fascination of the elusive, of the refusal to copy some spectacles, of the will of arracher the shapes of the world that the sudden painter to make enter them in the one that he/it governs " (A.Malraux). 
After so many work years, " one perceives that one passed all this time to ascertain only one truth, to express only one thing under different " visages (A.Camus). 
Truth that stands out behind " this sum of small lies that every picture " represents (Bonnard). 
Several exhibitions to stake out his pictorial course. 
From 1999 he incorporates into his work computers and explores the extraordinary promise of grouping the digital painting associated with traditional techniques. 
Exhibition on the Web since June 2000.

Biography Caelo
My name is Caelo and am in SL since June 3, 2012.
I love singing since I can remember I have. And I'm still trying to learn.

Musical Experience in RL:
Pop soprano in a choir and soloist in an orchestra animation.

SL Experience:
I started singing in SL, with my good friend Hiosmas Arun. My first gig was in "Essence Bohemia" in mid-June 2012. Then I shared some good times with other musical artists in "Horus Friends", "Blue Rose Jazz Club" and others.

As a singer, both in RL and in SL, I like Blues and Soul perform songs from performers like Aretha Franklin, Norah Jones, etc..

Technical data:
In my performances in SL, I use a Shure professional microphone, an external mixer and processor mutiefectos.

Thanks to all who support me. It's what I enjoy your company, so I do.

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