sabato 23 marzo 2013

Anan Eebus @ Solaris Island

Pyramid Cafe' and Tanalois Art at Solaris Island 
have the pleasure to invite you to the 
opening of the art exhibition by 

Anan Eebus

Inauguration exposure: Sunday 24 March 2:30 pm PST

In the evening live music by Daemon Naidoo.


End show: Sunday April 7

Biography Anan Eebus
I am an RL and SL photographer and designer...
Fascinated by light and dark, shadows and how they dance and come and go.... the smallest of details find their way into my lens and my eye and my photography and art. 
I can be inspired by anything and everything, especially all aspects of winter, the darkness, extreme weather, love, the movement of water, vampires and the supernatural, graveyards, mermaids, fairy tales and folklore, the world of the erotic and sensual. 
Poetry, short stories, and the playfulness of words fascinate me, the dance and interaction with images and how they sound and fall onto the page or from the tongue.
Beauty for me is an interchangeable, movable feast of the strange, odd, unusual and bizarre, flawed and quirky.
My exhibitions are usually themed collections based on an idea that touches me or resonates in shape or form or light. Once they come to life I release them into the wider world and let them grow in the eyes of others. Most of my work is from RL photography projects though sometimes I do SL-inspired exhibitions of art. I've recently started to make 3D sculptures and hope to do more in the future.
I am an active member of the 'SL Arts', 'Second Life Artists', 'ARTIST Network' and 'The Art Messenger' and help support all artists and their works inworld SL.
Available for commissions, projects, all size of jobs considered from sim-wide projects to profile pictures. I also am a model and am available for modeling work for clothes, shoes, hair, skin, tattoos, shows and collections.

Biography Daemon Naidoo
Daemon started singing with passion several years ago with a band in real.
He was known in the various pubs in the area in Rome city center until 1994, when he moved to Switzerland. From there he stopped almost completely for several years, up to a few years ago when he decided to start over, so as a hobby, a hobby that has become increasingly up to sing daily and to open two blogs, one of which is to 'active has more than 100,000 listeners all across the world. The music for him is now increasingly important through his interpretations conveys emotions, the feelings you and now the music takes up most of his free time.

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