domenica 10 marzo 2013

Masako represented by Soraya Till @ Solaris Island

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Pyramid Cafe' and Tanalois Art 

at Solaris Island

have the pleasure to invite you

at the opening of the exhibition of paintings by


represented in SL by Soraya Till

Sunday 10 March 1:30 pm SLT

Music by Andromeda Slade .


End show: Sunday 24 March

Biography Masako
 I was born in Osaka. I began my involvement with the arts at the Rotterdam School of Fine Arts in the Netherlands. I painted in oil then. Later, when I lived in the Philippines, I took up Oriental brush painting, studying under a successful and well known Chinese artist. I continued this in Bangkok, but now in the “free style”. Some years later I returned to Japan and graduated from the Sankei Gakuin School of Art in Tokyo, where I studied various types of Japanese painting techniques, such as “Nihonga” (a medium using natural pigments), classic-style collage and brush painting on gold leaf and silk.

I do not paint an exact likeness of nature, but intend to bring out the essence and “feel” of nature in my paintings. I do that by using age-old traditional Asian techniques of brush painting on rice paper. But I also use a more contemporary approach to express the splendor of nature in mixed media, selecting vibrant colors and accentuating them with brilliant gold leaf. Both approaches are representations f the beauty all around us…if we have eyes to see.


In SL I am represented by Soraya Till Galleries.

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