sabato 13 aprile 2013

Uleria Caramel @ Solaris Island

Pyramid Café and Tanalois Art at Solaris Island
have the pleasure to invite you to 
the Opening of the Art Exhibition by
Uleria Caramel 

Inauguration exposure: Sunday April, 14yh 1.30 pm SLT - 22.30 IT

Until April 28th



Hello art lover, I have always been a creative person, which shows up time to time. Now I have found suitable contacts here in Second Life and they have given me a wonderful opportunity to bring my art here.
Colors and contrasts are important to me and my style is mainly abstract expressionism. 
I use various techniques; oil painting, glass painting (glass art in general), ceramics, aquarelles, photographing etc. 
My personality is positive and I am unprejudiced. I believe people´s motives are primarily good. I want to be friendly to everyone. People say that I am a good listener and many have told me that I have given strength to them.I am spiritually sensitive and I sense situational energies strongly. I am a gentle, peaceful and modest person. I see into people -- maybe more than they think there is to see. 
My role is usually to be an observer. I enjoy life and I don´t hurry. I tend to live in the moment and I think only necessary things about tomorrow. I have problems to say "no" to people´s requests, but I am trying to learn that ability. I don´t want to hurt anyone´s feelings. I am somewhat unyielding and it manifests as occasional oddities in my behavior -- some people think my sense of humor is twisted, but I think it is just extremely versatile. Making art is an exhaust vent for my emotions. 
I hope my art induces different kinds of moods to the viewers.
Yours sincerely,
Uleria Caramel

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