sabato 6 aprile 2013

Virtual World Wrestling Federation - INFAMY

Stasera alle 24 IT - 3pm SLT anche in diretta streaming su Pyramid Café TV

Saturday April 6th 2013 as the Virtual World Wrestling Federation has its biggest Event of the year, Infamy!
KeiLani Velastar goes up against Erika Kuroki for the Women's World Championship!

Drake Korso will get another shot at the Intercontinental Championship thanks to his manager Savannah Mohegan as he faces the Italian Dragon Alexius Gant in an Asylum Match!This match type hasn't been used in the VWWF since Last year and has proved to be one of the VWWF's most Brutal Match types ever!

And in the Main Event, The winner of the first ever King of Champions Gauntlet Match Kayden Hydraconis gets his earned opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship as he faces Michael Karsin for the most coveted Championship in the VWWF!

Don't miss this and more this Saturday April 6th @3 PM Pacific (SLT) !!

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