venerdì 3 maggio 2013

Asperix Asp @ Solaris Island

Pyramid Cafe' and Tanalois Art at Solaris Island 
have the pleasure to invite you to 
the opening of the art exhibition by 

Asperix Asp

Inauguration exposure: Sunday May 5th 1:30 PM SLT - 22.30 IT

End show: Sunday May 19

Biography Asperix Asp

He is an artist with long experience in the world of the computers and with this great technical resource he is able to carry out the ideas that he wants to express. He has used, and in some cases modified, a dozen software programs to create, manage and alter each one of the images. After creating a 3-D structure he covers it with a texture with water. This element, properly illuminated, is located in the center of a virtual box with mirrored walls. The reflections multiply, prolonging itself without end. It is an infinite sequence within a finite space. 

Gerardo Garcia (Pértiga) 

An exceptional artist able to dominate the technical side of art so that his overflowing imagination settles and it is naturally spilled upon the canvas. His work, after an impeccable and long period history exhibiting in alternative spaces and on the Internet, is a unique gift for the art community.

Manuel Perez-Lizano (President of Aragonese Association of Critics of Art) 


Asperix Asp is born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1958. Fan to the Art from boy. Self-taught person. 

1978 First painting exhibition. 

1984 Leaves the conventional painting and buys its first computer. 

1985 In a collective painting exhibition put a giant monitor of video connected to the computer. During five years he extends studies in Barcelona on graphical design and Art. 

1991 Returns to Zaragoza. First individual exhibition (absolute) of artistic infografía.

1993 In spite of the hard received critics, another electronic exhibition. The jury of the Prize Sta. Isabel de Aragon, most prestigious of Zaragoza, selects a infografía to him. 

1994 A new exhibition, like all the previous ones, in an alternative room of the city. Improves the machines, the quality of the images and the critics. 

1995 Enters in the Association of Plastic Artists Goya Aragon. 

1996 Participates in the first collective exhibition of infografía of the mentioned Association. He receives the Prize Sta. Isabel de Aragon de Photography.

1997 Exhibition in the Real Photographic Society of Zaragoza. 

1998 Collective Exhibition of Infografía in the gallery of the Association of Plastic Artists Goya de Zaragoza. Participates in the creation of the Association Pértiga, and in the two exhibitions that this association organizes in the gallery Deocón de Zaragoza. 

1999 Creation of the interactive CD of the Association for the first days of alternative Art. 

2000 Creation of the virtual museum of Pértiga. Participates in II the days of Art with CLAUSTROFILIA, a creation multimedia. Launching of his first personal web. 

2001 Participates in Commutations 2001 with VIPANAS 3404 (Virtual webcam), in the gallery Mª Moliner de Zaragoza. The screen of the exhibition hall is already only a simple icon that sends to the spectator to the space web. Creation of the series of infografías titled LIMITS with virtual image and photographies taken by the space station Hubble. Update of the page, with two temporary exhibitions of infografía: 

2002 Launching of the series of infografias titled “OUR LADY OF HISTORY”. New update of the page, including a complete exhibition of this last series. Collective exhibition of Périga in the room of the Aragonese Artistic Grouping. 

2003 Finalist of the I prize Sta. Isabel of Aragon of infografía. 

2004 Creation of Render4, a virtual center of Art. New “excavations” in Our Lady of History. Exhibition in the virtual room of Redaragón. 

2005 The autor, far away completely of the commercial art and the exhibitions to the use, shows its work in Internet and participates actively in diverse specialized forums. It continues his exploration of the Aragonese traditional art for all time and its present reinterpretation, helped by the most modern technologies of design in 3D. 

2006 Simultaneously, explores new forms of art, like the alive art of the paludarios. 

2007 The access to new systems of expression centers the occupations of the author. In particular, the three-dimensional virtual surroundings. Creation of his first virtual gallery in Second. Life. It is a new world of immense possibilities. 

2008 Creation of the infográfica series THE CITY OF WATER exhibited in Internet and Second Life. 

2009 Works in diverse virtual surroundings. 

2010 Exhibition of infografía in the Space of Art YUS of Zaragoza 

2011 Participates in the ZARAGOZA: an emotional vision of the city, in the Lonja of Zaragoza. It makes diverse exhibitions in Second Life.

2012 Various expositions in the best gallerys of S L as Aneli´s Gallery, The Rose Theatre, Vision of Beauty Art Complex.

2013 Expositions at DIOTIMA R&D, Magnetize Unit ARt , Hotel Chelsea...

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